Leaked new armor!

(don’t ask me how I found it)

Waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttt what?

well… let’s see what is it tomorrow

It’s called “rustyarmor”, so I think it’s the worst Warrior armor. Maybe you can buy it at the warrior castle?

I know you said not to ask how you got it but… how did you get it?
I assume you looked at the developer decals?

I’ve Looked At All Of The Dev’s Models And Clothing Yet None Of Them Seem To Have It.

i did the same thing except with decals since i don’t think they would put a picture on a decal or a model but whoms’t knows

It Shall Remain A Mystery!

i would make another leak analysis but there is nothing to really be analysed today since everything leaked recently is self explanatory :((

Watch it be worth like 100,000 at the warrior’s castle. :eyes: