Leaderboard System and Dueling Idea

As many people have said, when players reach the level cap of 30 there really isn’t anything to do. I think that some kind of leaderboard system that was visible to players in-game would be a great way to incentivize players who have already reached the cap to keep playing as well as to encourage lower level players to spend even more time in Vesteria. This system could have leaderboards for things such as most money, highest level (If cap is raised in the future), or top guilds (if implemented in the future). I’d also like to propose an idea for a organized dueling system. This system would only work when the game becomes much more popular. Within the colosseum, players would queue for a match and be paired up with a player of a skill level relatively similar. If players win their match, they would receive a higher rating and continue to duel players with similar ratings. If a player loses a match, their rating would drop by a certain amount and they would continue to duel players at that skill level based on their rating. If any of you have played rocket league, this system would be similar to the tier system in that game. I understand this would be very difficult to develop but it is just an idea for the future, the leaderboard system could also be implemented here for players with the highest dueling ratings.

I also agree on your poin of view with leaderboard with highest level, even tho i find money kind of usless. This is regarding the PvP Point of view.

Sir, money is not useless.
You will need it for the hundreds of attempts on 10% scrolls
To get the best weapon
To trade with others
For scrolls

Nono, where they can see how much people have money on leaderboard is not that usefull

It may not be useful, money was simply an idea for a leaderboard, these leaderboards could be anything though, another idea I came up with is most dungeon raids completed or fastest completion of a dungeon for the next update. These leaderboards could be anything, I was simply suggesting the concept.

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Good idea, but next time you write something as long as this try to break it up a little. Kept losing my place

I mean, I could understand for things like money, but; I don’t really see the need to have an entire PvP “ranked” system. PvP never has (and probably never will) been a main focus of Vesteria, so I don’t find the need in something like that…

Also, going back regarding your “Leaderboard(s) for Highest Leveled Player.” or whatever, this is an issue; Many, many players/users will be maxed out, thus making this pointless… There’s no way to be “Highest Level” of all the players, if everyone can equally hit max.

Although, a leaderboard for Guilds wouldn’t be too horrible, but I’m not sure.

Last thing; Where exactly would this… “leaderboard” go? Just up on a sign in Nilgarf?

I agree with you that the tiered dueling system could be too much considering this is an RPG and the main focus is the PvE environment. It’s just an idea for the far future.

Yeah I understand that a leaderboard for level wouldn’t work at the current state, I was saying for the future if the cap was ever raised significantly making it extremely challenging to reach. However, the leaderboards could still work for money, most dungeon raids, best guilds, etc. And yes the sign could be displayed somewhere in Nilgarf or some kind of GUI option.

Dude, when you type your topic, make sure to separate the details in separate paragraphs. This will make it easier to discuss.