Lava Castle idea- (read more)

It would be nice to have a world that locates yourself into a Lava Castle. With enemies like demons and stuff like that to fight. For currency and weapons. The boss would be the devil himself, dropping certain items (maybe potions, weapons, new skills?) for the player to obtain.

The castle would king of look like Bowsers castle from Mario. Lava would surround the castle, fights upon fights ranging from different enemies. Quests would be killing the demons for a special item, or spell.

Please let me know about what you think, I think it would be a fun location to play at and enjoyable level that can be added to the game.

I like the idea of the area and I think you should expand on ideas of drops from enemies in this area or maybe the enemies themselves. The dev’s read the forums often. Howver, I also dislike the idea of the Devil being a boss, maybe it’d be better to think of something more unique or creative that would fit with Vesteria a lot more.

Thank you for your feedback! I will work on adding more to the idea, I understand that the Devil being a boss is generic. I’ll look more into it. :grinning: