Lack of spiders in the Enchanted Forest

After a while of playing the game, there was less and less spiders in the Enchanted Forest. It got to the point where no more spiders would spawn in the cave underneath. We went to go grind at the beach, and when we came back there were tons of spiders in cave again. I am not totally sure, but there must be some spawn locations for spiders that let them spawn outside of the map.

This May Or May Not Be Caused By An Entity Limit Such That Only A Certain Amount Of Spiders Can Spawn, And Then No More Can Ever Spawn Again.

The Reason Why They Spawned Maybe Because You Joined A New Server.

From what I could tell, I believe they still spawned above the cave, just not below

They respawned because we joined a new server, yes.
There was no longer any people in the server since there was like 7 people on at the time

I’ve Seen Spiders (Three At Most) Spawn Above The Cave But Not In A Large Enough Quantity That They Would Stop Spawning Entirely.

Idk, I just don’t think there is a spawn limit, since I’ve grinded in the grotto for hours and never experienced this.

Remember They Are Separate Servers, They Are Going To Be Different In Ways You Can’t See.