Konlon15's lucky day (story)

Earlier today I was grinding on Seaside Path. I had just reached level 10 and chosen hunter, and with my new Wooden Dagger I was pwning Crabbies like they were tiny Baby Shrooms.

After around 15 minutes of absolute wr3ck4ge I got my first (non-quest) scroll ever, a Great. I immediately used it on my Dagger, and it succeeded.

I continued grinding, and only a minute and a few crabbies later I got another scroll, a blue one. Just like the great scroll I used it on my dagger, and it succeeded, first try. Right now, my Wooden Dagger is 1 attack point better than my Tomahawk. I think I’m moving on to spiders now.

If anyone else has a story of good ingame luck, please reply with them; I’d love to hear!



i got 2 ancients in a row today

But did they both work?

I got the mushroom hat after my first try?

Wow, I’m jealous
Can’t even get ONE ancient scroll on a weapon

got 2 ancient scrolls to work on my tomahawk. victory dance

if you have enough coins and scrolls you can just keep farming and buying tomahawks until you get 7 in a row working.

Well As Some People Know 7 Ancient Scrolls Has A 1/10,000,000 Chance Meaning In Theory You’d Need 10,000,000 Tomahawks As Well As 70,000,000 Ancient Scrolls.
Of Course This Is Just Assuming The 10,000,000th Tomahawk Works.

That would take centuries to get

depends on your dedication and luck

the only lucky day is no day