Knocking On A Mushroom's Door

I like how you can interact with a lot of things in Vesteria. I think one of them should be the tree houses located in the trees in the mushroom forest.

I think it would be funny and cute if we could knock on one of their doors and they’d do something funny to us, like spray that green gas or something.

Leave any other ideas for any other interactions you can come up with down below.

Throwing You Off The Tree.

Maybe one of these houses could be a shop :thinking:

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Maybe a tree house which you can climb and the person in there kicks you out by flinging u after assigning you a quest. He will kick you out until you completed the quest

I’m glad this idea was implimented.

Any of you guys remember the iconic ‘mmmhmmm’ from the winter soldier at his post in Lego: Indiana Jones? If we can get one of those guys, I support this idea. Also, I’d just like to state, I immediately thought this topic was a parody to Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

I don’t even know what that is.

Well, don’t go trying to find it, the only way you’ll find that sassy soldiers sass is by playing the game.
Here’s the best version: