Kinda Mad When I first Came Here

When the forum was made to the public, I was part of the first few. Little did I know I would be given disappointment when I first arrived. This happened when I was creating my very-awesome-epic-one-in-a-lifetime username. I went to type the first letter. O I typed it again. O Then, I typed the last letter. F This created the very-awesome-epic-once-in-a-lifetime username called OOF. I created my account. But, I couldn’t. My username was too short. I was destroyed by a system! I did a big OOF at my computer, thinking of what to do about this. Then, a thought came to mind. I typed in another letter. O This created OOOF. I created it. It worked! I absolutely was saddened that my original name was too powerful for this website, but I was excited to learn how to create a loophole.

why in the world


in short, I’m mad I couldn’t get the name OOF.

I’m mad I couldn’t get the name Zoe or Zoë