Kind Of Bad Vesteria Lore

November 4th, 1932 years ago.
The City of Nilgarf (at the time Altdorf) was built by a young but rather strong man. He attempted to do it solo, but needed help. He invited 2 other people to help build the city and about 5 years later he succeeded. However he was running low on money due to him taking a long break from his job at Mushtown. After 3 months of complete no-lifing his job, (getting mushroom spores for healing potions) he finally got enough money for advertisements for Nilgarf (Altdorf). Shortly after when his city was populated, and the man got famous, he learned that his 2 friends (who lived in grand homes by him) were also strong. He asked them, “Do you like to be quick, tanky, or magical?”. This would later end up as the Warriors, Mages, and Hunters. The first friend, who quite enjoyed tanking enemies that he could, instantly replied with Tanky. The other friend, replied with magical. That left him, with quick. He quite enjoyed his choice. He later hired people to make weapons to be quick (daggers and axes), tanky (swords and maces), and magical (staffs and wands). It was long after that the King of Altdorf, later got old and his friends and died soon after their realization due to them being stunned how their life was so short to them, which then suddenly a Spider attacked them and killed the trio. The process repeated, having the king eventually killed by enemies. Then one of the most important kings of Altdorf took control. He decided to rename the city Nilgarf, and apply for the faction representatives to come. They later decided “Yes, we would come” because they already had weapon shops for each class. And soon, each class got a name from being “Tanky”, “Quick” and “Magical” to “Warriors”, “Hunters”, and “Mages”. It was a long time before they arrived (they were at the farthest point from Nilgarf), so a young man decided to fill in. His name was “Lil Pump”. Meanwhile the controller of Mushtown, did decide that they needed more residents, so they opened the gates every Saturday for newcomers to come in. And that was where YujiPlays, avoiided, FunctionalNikaStone, headlessmicrowave, artkillers came in for the first time. They dominated the ranks, and got to the top. Each with the abilities of Hunter, Mage, and Warrior. But soon the gates were closed. For 2 weeks, no-one came in. Mushtown was losing it’s spotlight. Then, on Nilgarf’s birthday, November 4th, the gates were opened yet again, but a fee of 8 silver coins was asked, then they got entry. Mushtown was famous, along with Nilgarf, for leading the world’s greatest heros, with each spot being teaching the heros, and supporting the heros.

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