Keepin' Yer Cool

A guide to keep yourself alive in the blistering heat

When you take your first steps into the fabled Whispering Dunes you can feel many things, ancient spirits, sand under your feet or even terrible heat that will have you dead in seconds, or confusion on where to go. How do you defend from the unbearable weather? How do you find your way around? This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Stamina is going to be a large concern seeing as it will go down even if you aren’t running and doesn’t regenerate, however there are a few tips to keep you energized.
The stamina bar will turn gold when under heat
Oases can be found scattered around the Dunes and will give you the ability to regain stamina after taking a dip.
regenerating stamina after visiting an oasis (note the water drop icon)
Night time
When the sun goes down there isnt really a big concern for staying cool…
regenerating stamina at night
Cactus Fruit
In the never-ending death that is the dunes you can find some life in the form of our favorite prickly friends, some cacti have fruit that you can knock off and eat, refilling your stamina instantly.
note the abundance of fruit on the center cacti
Keep the sun off your back by hiding under an object. If theres something above your head, theres stamina to be had.

This cactus is providing shade for me, how thoughtful
Portable Water
After helping the village out with their sun tablet problem they will give you a water barrel that you can carry around, it completely negates the effect of the deadly heat.
It’s useful, but super heavy

Finding your way around is going to be a pain but there are some ways you can remember where to go, looking at the silhouettes in the distance is a good way of knowing direction. (Note: all of these photos are taken from the central town, your view of them may vary.)
These 2 Mountains will spheres on top is where the passage to and from Whispering Dunes is
This view is very important to memorize as it contains Auktufitis tower and the Vultures landing.
This area also has many other landmarks near it like the wurm pit and bandits hideout.
This mountain is Tethaffuts Anvil, this place also has one of the pages (4) and a pathway to the hermit cave.

That is all for now, I will leave a link to Bubbly552’s map if you need further direction, that is all from me for now, enjoy your day and keep cool. :sunglasses:


I think you meant oasis.

Oases is plural for oasis

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