Karen Crabby Boss - Vesteria's Final Boss (joke)


The Karen Crabby Boss is the final boss of Vesteria. When you reach level 100, or whatever the max. level is when berezaa finally decides, to obtain your last set of gear — the most powerful in the game — you must defeat the Karen Crabby Boss.

The Karen Crabby Boss, when defeated, has a 100% — yes 100% — chance of dropping a FULL set of the best armor in the game AND a weapon corresponding to the player’s class/subclass. (Adventurers and people who never picked a subclass get their own versions of weapons — slightly weaker than the subclass ones but strong nonetheless) These drops will be given to EACH player as long as they have reached a relatively low damage threshold on the boss.

She also drops around 10g for each player in the damage threshold.

The stats of these items largely depend on what the max level is, any future changes to stats, etc. so I won’t bother coming up with them specifically.

The Karen Crabby Boss should be the final boss — and that’s why the ritual to summon her should take players around the map, in a sort of backwards fashion, to remind players of their journey throughout Vesteria.

To begin the fight, a player goes to Ethera and challenges her to a duel. Normally, she just says something along the lines of “you are not nearly strong enough,” but when you are level 100, she will say that she isn’t actually the champion. This is where she begins to tell you how to summon the Karen Crabby Boss. The quest will lead players around Vesteria searching for “ritual stones.” There are six ritual stones they must collect:

  1. Time
  2. Power
  3. Soul
  4. Mind
  5. Reality
  6. Space

After collecting all six, the player goes to Seaside Path, then enters a portal hidden within a ship that only opens once you reach level 100 AND have all six ritual stones in your inventory. It will transport you to a different part of the ocean with this symbol:

The player places these stones to summon the boss.

The Karen Crabby Boss looks like a large crab with a Karen-style haircut. The health of her should be around four times that of Mo Ko Tu Aa, but this can vary depending on how strong a party of 6 of level 100’s is compared to a server of level 45’s. The real danger lies not in her health, however, but in her attacks.

  1. Basic Melee
    The basic melee attack is nothing special. She does damage. Because level 100’s should have armor that can block more than 90% of damage while also having health around 3-4 thousand, her basic attack should deal 5,000 damage.
  2. Manager See-er
    A large red eye appears above the Karen Crabby. It deals 10,000 base damage to everybody except the party leader, while everyone but the party leader also gets irritating audio that repeats “MAY I PLEASE SEE YOUR MANAGER” in an angry tone for about ten seconds. It should not be overly loud as to give Vesterians a chance of survival.
  3. Ground Shake
    Deals 14 base damage in an AOE radius. Can be seen before it happens, very easy to dodge. She will never use this attack until she is under 10% HP. Deals 30,000 damage to her.

After destroying 90% of her HP, she becomes invincible before a new phase begins.

On Phase 1, the main boss fight, death would result in the normal death penalty. On Phase 2, things are very, very different. She begins to use the Ground Shake ability of hers and stops all other attacks. The Ground Shake is very weak and should do 0 damage to the level 100 party. However, it does 30,000 damage to her.

The Karen Crabby Boss will repeatedly use the Ground Shake in an effort to die — yes to die — and if you let her, you are in an awful lot of trouble. If she dies, she will then sue you for her death. If you lose the court case, you lose all your gold and half of your inventory.

To keep her from dying is simple. In this phase, your damage is reversed — all attacks and abilities heal the Karen Crabby Boss. If you keep her alive for ten minutes (while she is using Ground Shake approximately twice per second) you gain the amazing riches. Through the power of high-quality service, you can defeat a Karen who wants to sue you.


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Like the idea.

Can we talk about how in-game berezza is level 100 but still rocking the lunar robes? No? Ok.

His robes are the only blessed robes still alive today

Getting sued for letting her die lmao, that was funny, anyways, epic post.