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Ranging gear
Gold teir bow
spider eggs


Red teir icicle
Ancient Scrolls
Dirty talon + 6 4 attempts left
holy (not in stock)

discord - JUSTFORCAUSE #4011

What are the scrolls on that “dirty talon”?

Also, how much for red tier icicle?

ranging gear, aviators or some gold
maybe 10g - 15g
you can lower the price if you want


I’m kinda broke rn… spent money on great scrolls, shouldn’t have. Shoulda just farmed scarecrows for the defs and SQR for the atks.

ok you can grind no rush

Also, what is on that “dirty talon”?

IDRC if its only got mostly fails or if its got just greats, as long as it doesnt have basics on it im fine. (can you post a screenshot of its item?)

it has all greats and has 4 upgrde attempts remaining

I’ll buy that
Does 1.5G sound fair?
I stupidly sold mine.

Just give me some time to get money (lol stingtails are amazing).

ok ill wait

Friend me on ROBLOX. Username: Doofus_12
I’m online super sporadically, and it might take a week or two (depending on how lucky I get with dunes weapon drops)