Just add a button to delete a slot

yeah add it

I believe Berezaa has hinted at making slots buyable in the future. That’s all I know.

Ya Ber said they will add more slots you can buy for R$ eventually, also Poly said he is trying to get save slot deletion to be a thing in this next update.

Wrong category; it should be in the #gameplay-improvements:new-features

While this is true… I’m kinda glad its not in the correct category because its just a waste of time for the devs to see. (no offense) Really new ideas imo need to be well thought out and have at least a complete sentence to describe them, especially if it’s going to have an entire topic for itself. (which btw u shouldn’t just make an entire topic for one sentence… There are plenty of posts abt this alrdy, just comment “yes plz add this” or something like that in one of them)

This post is also called “low-effort post” as it really made with no effort and this is against the rules of this forum.

k then
thx for your reply

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which is why this is the right category for it to be in