Just a Class Quiz

So hi, I just wanted to know which class and which sub class people prefer.

Which class do you prefer?

  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Mage

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Out of the Warrior sub classes, which one do you prefer?

  • Paladin
  • Berserker
  • Knight

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Out of the Hunter sub classes, which one do you prefer?

  • Assassin
  • Ranger
  • Trickster

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And finally,
Out of the Mage sub classes, which one do you prefer?

  • Warlock
  • Sorcerer
  • Cleric

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Okay, thanks.

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I thought this was an actual pop quiz :flushed:


clERIc GANg GAng


Only Trickster :clown_face: :cry:


Underpowered classes squad


Cleric and warlock are surprisingly tied.

No choice of adventurer smh

I like Hunters b/c the main premise of the class is hit foes from a distance.

Paladins are my fav warrior sub b/c Vesteria Space Program w/ lvl 10 Rebuke + Mushroom Sword

Cleric is my fav mage sub b/c the basic mage abilities are fairly good, plus I save tons of mushcoin on potions.

Wow, I’m surprised this many people voted.

Also, I’m surprised that cleric got second in the mage sub classes.

face class is hunter cuz it’s what i started with when i first got a save to lvl 10, and it’s rlly fun, and i’m used to the playstile. fave warrior sub is berserker cuz it’s what my warrior is. my fave hunter class is trickster cuz i can skip parkour, traps are fairly good, and it is my main(my main was a max ranger, but i didn’t have any saved left so i got reborn to try trickster) my favorite mage subclass is sorcerer cuz i had a warlock, but it was insainly boring, and idc for healing, i care about dps

Is it worth the switch from Ranger -> Trickster?
I’ve been seriously debating doing that.

Also, I think I know what I’m gonna do with my fourth save: storage!

Just gotta level it up a little bit, put it by the bank, and storage galore!

ranger is stronger, but trickster is more fun

I’ve been trying to get you to go twix-ster for a while now

Yeah, ranger is getting boring ngl

Defo going hunter tho

Also gonna make a Paladin save (which would leave me with Trickster, Cleric, Paladin, and undev)

cleric main gang

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Bruh, why u bump this???

i frankly have no idea