Jonno's Challenge (Looking for a better sword)

Look, I just can’t be bothered to make another.

I’ll offer this sword plus 10g for an identical sword that has +10 DEX (or more) instead of +8.

You can ignore the name, dye, and lore in the identical part. Just the sword itself and its upgrades.

Yes, this is possible. Ancient DEX can give 1-3 per scroll, at random.
Also, Ancient DEX CANNOT override any scroll besides basic +1’s.
For every 1 DEX above +10, I’ll pay an additional 500s (up to 12.5g total)

If you don’t know how to get them, Ancient DEX scrolls can be obtained from the chest in the Batty Cage in Nilgarf Sewers. You can only get one per character, four per account (or more for testers). The sword, Vesra’s Eviscerator, is obtained from the Sun Tablet quest in Whispering Dunes. Once again, one per character.

If you begin upgrading a sword and you realize you won’t be able to get +10 (e.g. getting 3 +1’s or more), you can use a Reset Scroll to remove the current ancients and try again.

If you decide to give this a shot, good luck!

Really desperate for a better sword

Yes, very

I’ll pay 20g for the whole thing c;
I need it for the crusade

Only if I get a better sword!

I’m sad :C