Joining game bug/portal bug/All mage bugs


No idea how else to explain it, we can’t join, sometimes we do but it takes 20 minutes, when we are in we freeze every 3 seconds, and get flung when talking to NPCs, oh, most importantly forgot, we can’t teleport to different areas aswell. Same thing, stuck in loading screen.

what OS are you on?

apple, macbook air, but its not my OS its happening to every mage

wrong. im on windows and can load just fine

ok you can? every other mage cant

as i said before we lag every 3 seconds occasionally when joining if we get lucky

there is a known issue that Vesteria is freezing on apple devices (mostly mac), please post here if you’re receiving this issue as well

yeah, its only on vesteria aswell so

berezaa actually read the post, so if you do have this problem, do exactly what megu said.

https.:// this bug too also makes mage un playbable

Theres no indications as to why this is happening, although I’ll give a bit of info.

On my new slot I just started, when I try to load in, the music for Mushtown actually starts playing. The loading GUI animation plays and finishes, so I think the load screen may actually be stuck. Although; I cannot hear my character’s footsteps, or move the mouse, so I’m suspecting that that may not be the issue. Upon dying, the game also freezes up for several minutes. On my new slot, I keep spawning outside the map, when the game tries to teleport me back to the main menu, this same freezing issue occurs. Also, when the game does decide to load, the frame rate is pretty choppy.

All I can really give besides that is this:
Occured on latest big update 1.4
Im a beta player
I have 1 warrior slot, and this is also happening on my brand new slot that was created after the 1.4 update.
Im on macbook air as well. Im curious if this is due to support for apple OS.
I mainly use this laptop for programming and Ive never had problems running Vesteria (or any other roblox game) so I doubt its a problem system-wide. Ive been able to play other games just fine without lag.

Not sure what this bug means because I didnt make this game but;
Could be associated with the load screen issues?

Ive noticed this UpValue error on the other outputs shown. Hopefully that helps. Its a common error.

Probably this Vesteria Unplayable on Mac OS


I haven’t been able to play in a week, really dissapointing.

They’re traveling currently, give them 3 to 4 days.

rip us

Yes. I am not allowed to play vesteria as well. I will choose My slot then I will press play and it will either freeze on the “traveling to location” page or it will glitch under the map and freeze.

Hey @berezaa. I have some bugs. I’m on a iPad. I have a video gif, but that isn’t supported here ;(

The Rock Toss, Magic Bomb, Zap, and Mage basic attack DO NOT AIM. Even when I’m extremely close to enemies, it just goes, like, behind me.

I have found a bug that may or may not be in this category, but it’s more leaving game than anything. I made this somehow possible by immediately going back to the portal to the beach zone on the ranger side after right after going in. I’d put proof, but because this is a “new account” I can’t put proof of it in a post

Also, I learned later when I try going through it on the server or I think life. I haven’t tried resetting yet anyway, it phases through like it’s mere transparent non-existent hitboxes that does nothing, not letting me go to the map