Joining game bug/portal bug/All mage bugs

Greetings Vesteria Staff. I am reporting a new bug, upon joining the game. I get stuck in a loading screen. This started about 3 hours ago when I was joining to trade with someone. I kept rejoining and rejoining, but it just wouldn’t put me out of the loading screen. I wish I could’ve taken screenshots but for some reason I couldn’t screenshot it? To break this report down:

The bug is something keeping me, or other players from joining, stuck in a loading screen and as we try and rejoin it still does not work.

This happened to me as well when I was trying to load in redwood it was taking very long and in the end I still couldn’t join.

Yeah, I still can’t load in.

Resolved, reinstall roblox

Hm I had this before, but it wasn’t a bug. It was just due to crappy internet. Maybe related??

Im having this bug too but only on my Mage slot. Weird

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Also getting this bug. I got a popup saying, “Not loading? Click here” or something, I clicked it and now my game is just frozen for even longer lol. It happened about 6 hours ago, on a warrior slot, while I was spawning into the Colosseum.

Add-on: Reinstalling the game doesn’t seem to stop it. Also, Colosseum is suddenly very laggy. Never had this problem before, my computer is alright and my internet is alright. I even keep my settings on like level 4-5, not really getting why this is happening.

Nevermind, I reinstalled the game and this still happens.

It’s on my mage aswell.

Same problem for me. This started happening yesterday when I had 0 previous problems with lag or loading in. I get stuck on the “Traveling to [location]” page and when I do load in, I lag every 3 seconds and eventually my screen freezes.

I cant load in at all, restatred my machine, re installed roblox, tried to join through my mage, warrior, and hunter, also tried to make a new game and join through that but nothing works.

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Just started a new slot. Same problem is occurring. I think its purely coincidence that its happening to a lot of mages. The game is unplayable in this current state. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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ya this is happening to me too, now i can’t play on my mage account, JUST because im stuck on the loading screen

I’ve been getting the same issue, since Monday August 5th. Its only bugging out on my lv 30 warrior who last logged out of Spider camp. I was hoping the forum would be able to notify the devs about this issue instead of twitter/discord. The loading screen freezes and after a solid 5-10 minutes it will send me back to the menu

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edit: I’ve also tried re-installing Roblox entirely, of course that didn’t work out.

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same i cant join the game

Please give us more info than “can’t join the game”

We need to figure out exactly what the bug is before we can even figure out how to fix it.

Are there errors in the console? Does it happen 100% of the time on a certain slot? What information can you give us so can figure out what the common link is?

So basically we join the game right, first it takes 10 minutes to load in. We are there right, we lag every 3 seconds. If we die we freeze forever, if we splat from the cannons we become thanos. It’s mainly mages.


No idea how else to explain it, we can’t join, sometimes we do but it takes 20 minutes, when we are in we freeze every 3 seconds, and get flung when talking to NPCs, oh, most importantly forgot, we can’t teleport to different areas aswell. Same thing, stuck in loading screen.