Join Our Guild (Eclipse)

This is a Guild that has many elite fighters. We train together, fight together, and we treat each other as a familly. We also help new players that are not used to the game. We hold parties, raids, tournaments etc so that we can keep the guild active. We also have a system where if you get rare items for the guild you will be payed in game and you can also buy a item from the guild. Finally, we have a squad system that lets fighters in this guild group up and fight together. If you would like to join this guild: kpSt2Qq

i like chicken nuggets especially mac ones


join it ya noobs

me 2 i love them

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ya chicken nuggets are the best c:

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I might join…
my stats are:
Level 19 warrior
Level 15 hunter
Level NB/A mage

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nice :slight_smile:

The guild is still running fine btw guys
We hosted a scroll giveaway and added new features

Is it still alive?

It died before it was made

(this is a joke)

Or is it?

Wow, the second eclipse guild died. oof