Jobs/Sub Skills

Lots of RPGs have little side things you can do, we’ve already discussed a few like crafting, cooking, alchemy, i was just thinking we should add levels to them, i got this idea from Pizza in New Feature - Crafting Recipies. So basically you’ll have an extra menu for all your jobs and when you level up you can do more in that job, like a gathering job for collecting things in bushes or something, you’ll unlock more things from the bush like instead of leafs, you’ll also get sticks. Or just get more items from it, like 2 leafs to 5 in the next level. And other jobs that include making items, whether you make it blacksmith, alchemy, fletcher, etc or just all in one crafting job, the higher level the more recipes you unlock.

So here are a few job ideas:
Alchemy - Makes potions
Chef - Make food that have a long time effect (like terraria’s well fed bonus)
Fletcher - Makes all sorts of hunter things, like arrows and bows
Blacksmith - Forge your own tools and armor
Enchanter - I’m not so sure about this one but it lets you add special buffs to your items (i’de like how terraria does it with certain rare items doing things like how some swords have projectiles while others set flames, maybe from bosses)
Gathering - Collect things from bushes, mine rocks, chop wood
Doctor - A much worse version of a cleric/healer class, it’s just for people to heal themselves a bit faster than usual or make bandages

dont know why but I just dont think this is a good idea. just doesnt feel like it can fit in the current game well and people would enjoy it.

Do you think it should be dumbed down? Like just crafting which includes all the blacksmith, fletcher, etc and then you get materials from mobs?

im sorry, my head hurts and im tired but ill answer this with my best ability. It just another thing to grind would be very tedious. Maybe something that you could do while you grinding for lvls ( like a little minigame) but a I just dont think that making jobs would have a positive impact on the game.
This is just how i feel rn, my opinion might change at a later date, but not rn.


Profession is a very good name for these!

Already been suggested a long time ago.

Oh, i guess i went a little more in depth though? I didn’t see this though sorry

it’s already planned so this doesn’t need any more discussion

I already know that fishing is in the game, and when it comes down to it, its kinda busted. The fact that you could get a hp/mp pot(fish) combined into one and for free is cool i guess. well there is no downside for fishing, you could sell the fish for money, or use them while farming for hp/mp.

bro, the trello card literally says that they will make fishing a profession

im sleepy af

That’s like saying there’s no downside to grinding, as you get drops, exp and money

me no like to much extra grind. If it has an effect on the main game, like crafting insane armor/gear better than boss drops and stuff, its just dumb. if its just there to pass time, i dont mind, but i just wont do it,

If you think about it, Fishing will be a grind also in the future. Grinding is a part of every MMORPG type game lol

Well the idea is that some people would spend their time on it, and they can make stuff for themselves, and and then sell it to people like you, so it’s another money maker

Also just doing open would stuff could give you profession exp. Just adding scrolls could count as enchanter, firing a bow fletcher, fishing fisher, it could just reward for doing normal stuff throughout game more than the average player does. (cant think of a better example so kind of like how in GTA5 the more you fly planes, the better control you can have over them, more you drive the sharper turns you can make, etc.)

Anyway, where did you find that image from, like what website says whats in progress so I can be up to date with the updates that are coming out.

Professions sound really cool because they give experience points to users, meaning people can level up from different ways of playing. Instead of just slaying monsters all day, a player can choose how to enjoy Vesteria by being a fisherman, miner, lumberjack, etc. However, that’s all we have for now.