Jake The Chest Guardian

Jake is a lvl 50 baby shroom who has 1 million Hp.

He does high amounts of dmg, and his appearance is a slightly larger baby shroom, but, with a yellow color and blue eyes. He is meant to scare off low lvls from taking the blue steel chest he guards, which rewards the player with 5 mushroom soup.
If someone has the patience to kill him, or a guild decides to game-end him, he will drop a “foul smelling mushroom”.
The foul smelling mushroom is a consumable that’s makes the player emit a green poison cloud (similar to the poison shroom’s cloud, but more dmg and wider range) and the cloud lasts for around 8 seconds.

“Why should we add this, it’s literally the most pointless update ever, it won’t make any sense, nobody will like it, are you some sort of retard BigBruh101?”

This should be added because yes. And it also adds a bluesteel chest for beginners, while making it a challenge to get it.

“Ok, but it’s lvl 50, how is that for beginners, and why does it have a drop? You idiot.”

It’s level 50 because it’s meant to be killed by a lvl 50, and ran from at a low level. Sort of like that one boss enemy you see in those games that you can’t kill than appear later in the game when your ready to fight it. Just because it would give lvl 50s a reason to return to mushroom forest.

“Return to mushroom forest?!?! Are you sure you’re not on something?”

I don’t know, to give a purpose to go anywhere near there besides mushpocalypse.

Thank you for coming to my idea concept which is both useless and useless.

Ok Bye


I love this idea, I love you, and I love Jake the Chest Guardian. Amazing work, no lie. I expect this update to be implemented STAT. Beautiful idea!

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Your on the foul mushroom rn

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Btw he is Chad’s younger brother but chad used steroids and Jake just ate endless amounts of mushroom soup, bananas, and spider essence and just became god.

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Mobs in vesteria are pretty easy to bait.

Dear god, only 1mil HP? My Ranger will be done with that in approximately 6 seconds, WITHOUT using Ranger’s Stance. Geeeeettt dunked on! I don’t need patience, he’s just gonna fricking die immediately the moment he spawns, AND NO ONE CAN STOP IT!!!

Seriously though, consider power levels. A Super Giant Guardian dies to a SINGULAR Ranger in less than 10 seconds, and that thing has exactly 7,522,500 HP. I got one to spawn and literally timed how long it took me to kill it. I didn’t even use Ranger’s Stance (I need a Skill Reset Tome now sadly, because I don’t have it right now).

Gotta admit, it’s pretty good. But instead, you could make Jake something low-levels need to sneak around, and make it optional to kill him.

Not an actual comment relative to the post, but I like your pfp. Bill wurtz is pretty cool

Thanks. My favorite song is and the day goes on : D

Hmmm, ok.

I think 20 million is a good amount

That’s sorta what I was aiming to show. He is in mushroom forest, so instead of, “hey, wanna farm Jake?” It’s more like “hey remember that random mushroom we saw when grabbing that chest that had 20 million hp and we could barely do dmg to it, wanna try to kill it?”

Is jake chad’s dad

He is chads younger brother, I commented that above. Read what it says to fully understand it

A ranger with an optimal build would still solo in 4 minutes.

Than let’s make it 50 million hp! HOORAH

And also give it a incredibly powerful ranger attack that stun the ranger while dealing bigger dmg, preventing a ranger from just spamming stance. (Only thing it can be stunned by is shield bash, rangers can’t stun it.)

It can only aggro from so far …
Me, a Ranger main with a Legendary Auktufiti’s Ballista with full ancient atks: DIE PUNK!!!