Jackies Shop (Premium Items) (EVERY SINGLE DYE)

Jackies shop! Selling everything you need


Every Dye: 550-600S Each, (tips optional) BEST SELLING ITEMS

Every color!

Subs - 1000 HP - 25 Silver Each

All Potions 10 - 100 Silver,

All essential needs you may need!

Banana’s - 35 Silver Each

Sewer Items

Ratty heads (45 in stock) 10 silver each.

Ratty Tails 489 in stock - 100 Silver for a stack.

Bananas are not worth 35s anymore. Just go whack the tree in Port Fidelio while waiting for the Wayfarer.

subs as in mighty subs, if so 25 silver is enough to buy 12 not one

only grey dye are worth that much…

I think

and ratty tails a stack for 100 is kinda alot

25 silver for EACH might sub!?!?
You can buy them for like 2.5 (or 2, idk) silver at the port fidelio bar shop
or get tons of them for free from forsaken isle.

Also bananas are pretty much free, again, at port fidelio. Located at a banana tree by the wayfarer dock.

I farm forsaken for the subs alone, also I didn’t know moglo’s and mogloko’s owned subway :laughing:

2.2S at that shop.

Yea, that.

Np. I used to buy tons of subs there, just haven’t bothered to go back there in a while (Bandits drop them fairly often, but I made the dumb mistake of going to Forsaken Isle and then had to leave).

dude ur ripping us off so hard

subs are a scam you could just go to port and buy one for 1.2s, I think atleast

2.2 silver each for a sub and you say 25 each

can i offer ancients for yellow dyes?

haven’t u noticed that he’s not responding or offering fair deals

sorry im stupid, i dont know where to tag him

no problem

sorry forgot i had this up, the shop has moved to discord. dm my discord to be invited

Jackie D. Ryans#8128

prices are better

they better be

Lol you can buy subs for 2.2 silver, and it takes like 5 minutes to get a stack of bananas