I've been trying to find reasons to return

just remindin’ ya

Honestly i dont know, im actually on the edge of quitting with how unbalanced and stupid pve and pvp is.

ok look just because i beat you up :clown_face:

Honestly, even though I’m a mod I stopped playing the game for several months. It lost its kick and really wasn’t entertaining to me anymore, now that I can progress a bit faster at dunes I’m playing more but I feel like once I get one max slot I’m gonna stop playing again until the next huge update.

The reason why I still “play” or by other people’s definition “linger” is an investment to the future.

Once free release starts, people will absolutely be everywhere, but whether you are a Beta or an Alpha, you still have some potential to become a somebody in a place where you can easily become a nobody. Start a guild, maybe reach a high rank within a nontoxic, safe guild. Maybe even aim up to be a tester (Yes, even if we do not see them special now, they will be very special later, despite what “work” they have potentially done/note done) or even a moderator.

But there needs to be work done, early game for Mages are trash, Rangers are obviously unbalanced in both PVP and PVE, you can sell dyes and earn hundreds and hundreds of silver (Which is why I want ethyr to be able to be obtained in late late game).

There are so much useless skills like Flare, Dark Pulse, Earthcall, Prism Trap, and many more people may believe to be too weak to even put points into.

so yeah, investment, if the devs arent giving up on whatever dream they want to catch, ill respect it and maybe give a like or post a few things here to make a more active community

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Legal obligation to point out an extra “e”

ok your right

Why thank you, most people refuse to accept such criticisms, I am rather satisfied to see you take it in stride.

why indeede

I honestly wouldnt recommend returning right now, the game itself is alright but the balancing, it sucks.

The Dunes is my favorite update so far, coming from around 2 months of non activity after grinding insanely hard and quitting the game since the “vesteria is dead” post. I really didn’t like the idea of the death penalty and especially the trade tax, but now I’ve grown to appreciate the death penalty and the trade tax isn’t the end of the world now as it’s far easier to earn silver than before by using farming methods in the Dunes.

I’d say the game is overall becoming less… “braindead” I guess, slowly but surely. Things like the death penalty, trade tax, and hazards in the Dunes and strong bosses like Mo Ko Tu Aa bring more danger to the table and spice to the game in general. I like the direction the game is now heading in, with guild PVP on the horizon and stuff like the Badlands planned for the far future. The game is losing its status as somewhat of a mindless grinder more and more with each update, which can only be a good thing.

However, I hope that the next thing the devs do before the guild update is subclass balancing. There are many useless moves as mentioned by other users in this post, and ranger is just plain stupid (you’ll seriously be stunned at how godlike that class is once you see a level 49 ranger somewhere in the Dunes lol). Thankfully, I (think?) a ranger nerf of some kind is in the works, so not all is lost…

Overall, the game has changed significantly in the half a year that you haven’t played. Despite everything, I’d say that the game has finally moved past its previous fate of ultimately just being another grinder and has the potential to become something truly great. Time will tell what happens next.

(If you wanna talk some more, my discord is Tanker#4562)