I've been trying to find reasons to return

Honestly, I’ve felt the game was going downhill for a long time, but the vast majority highly disagrees.

I thought Beresaa saying “Vesteria is dead” was a statement saying that his new ways made the game die and that he was returning to how things were. I came back to the game only to be extremely surprised that nothing had really changed. No reverting to an older version, no undoing current features… Turns out he actually meant that the vesteria we used to know and love is dead.

Of course, I’m not here to judge – in fact, quite the opposite. I really want to find a good reason to enjoy the game again. I’ve reverted to my old ways of playing the Minecraft Hypixel server despite even that having almost nothing to offer me… Of course, then Hypixel SkyBlock came out, and I’ve been playing that for a while, but not making much progress.

Anyways, knowing that the game as we knew it is gone has put a damper on my mood, but I want to come back and start enjoying the game the way I used to. I spent $10 on an experience that was intended to be enjoyed for years to come, and I want to spend another several months playing if I can find reason to.

This is why I’m coming out to ask you, the Vesteria Forums community, to tell me some of your favorite updates since the beta released. (I have played since beta, but not much after the enchantment wipe.)

If you can help me find reason to play this game again, I’d love to keep in contact with you after you’ve helped me see the light. Please, everyone, help me love Vesteria again.


dunes r pretty fun

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So I’ve heard. Are they as expansive as everyone claims? I heard that they used the largest terrain baseplate posible for the map construction instead of using smaller ones like maps prior.

its bbig


Edit: The dunes aren’t really reason enough for me to get back into the game entirely, even despite the fact that I might still explore them at some point. I haven’t even bought a boat ticket yet since it costs 100 silver and I haven’t got that much to my name right now.

Sorry man, you know the drill.

But seriously though, my best advice is to wait until full release to enjoy the game.
Burnout is cured by not playin


Oh, it’s been much longer than 2 weeks. Try not being a regular for almost half a year.

Agreed, but I still want to get back into it as soon as possible.


If you could make any update happen, what update would you make happen that would make you come back interested?

Honestly, I think they need to do some small patches to certain UI, like the part where you upgrade your stats for example. It used to have little bars for each 10 or so levels, and each would display their respective perk on hover. There’s no way to preview the perks anymore, except for spending a bunch of money to get your stats up and then reset them repeatedly.

Other than that, though, I’d love to see a return of the original monster book concept, as well as the orb in Nilgarf. I miss having my green tier stick that dealt 69 damage. I lost a bunch of money on that investment when the enchants got reset, but I wouldn’t mind sinking time and money into the rabbit hole again to achieve it once more.

Also, I actually really miss the Crabby Den, and I liked being able to no-scope crabs from above when jumping extremely high underwater. Them removing the ability to shoot arrows mid-air is fine in itself, but I think it should be on a timer instead of waiting to let you fire until you land. The only place they don’t want you jumping and firing arrows is the Colosseum anyways, and you’re not swimming there since it’s not underwater. (Also, I feel that stamina and swimming ruined some core gameplay mechanics, but swimming also fixed some major flaws in previous map design, so I ain’t mad. It just stinks that swimming ends your sprint and forces you back to walking speed, since it means you don’t travel as fast underwater going up as you do horizontally.)

uhm, so you miss the crabby den and the orb?

not anything important like guilds?

Wait, did guilds actually get removed? If they did, I genuinely didn’t know.

crabby den is still here, and you can find stat perks here: List of all the Perks for each Stat (It would be useful to have those bars again though)

monster book is a gamepass, and you can find the info in a forum post

the stick is the only thing thats really gone

Wait, why is the monster book a gamepass now? Also, where is the crabby den?

I thought Berezaa said the game would never stoop so low as to use gamepasses for anything… Then again, he did add a premium currency that semi-ruined the economy for a while, so I suppose I’m not all too surprised.

Game’s going free, no other choice.

He also said the game would never be free to prevent exploiters from mucking up the place. Guess he’s essentially gone rogue on himself.

because of the nature of roblox’s platform, he pretty much has to go free as a dev

That’s crummy, but also sadly true. I suppose I can’t blame him, at least he tried.

Keep in mind that gamepasses are basically real life cash for berezaa, so he can hire more developers

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Trust me, I’ve read up on DevEx extensively. I’ve wanted to be a developer since I was young, just never really lived up to the dream.