I've been spending a lot of time and came up with this

We change Vesteria’s Discord Server Image from
to :smirk:

Okay maybe this is a bad idea after all… :sneezing_face:

  • Sure, knowing my decision wouldn’t even matter
  • No.

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The Order Of The High Chairs is watching…

oh yea, totally

Oh boy we better get the developers on this then

if j_joey says yes, then it must happen.

Do we ping berezaa, or shall we have an even bigger plan :thinking:

first, we overthrow the current Vesteria developers and admins and take their spot as gods of Vesteria. then, change the Vesteria Discord’s image to that.

Sounds pretty intense… sounds like we’ll require assistance

yes. go forth and gather as many strong forum members as you can find… berezaa’s time of reckoning has come!

Yes, and we shall call our group of forum members The Order Of The High Chairs something menacing…

.* evil laughter *

I’m interested…

We’ll consider you in our order of operations no it’s not math

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o dang this actually got alot more votes than i expected ;~;

I don’t believe any of the developers seen this yet… :thinking: well that’s too bad.

@berezaa your time has come :angry: