Items that reset stat points/skill points

There should be items in some of the more expensive shops that allow us to gain all our stat points back and readjust our stats based on our build, as well as gain all of our skill points back for readjustments. I’m sure there’s plenty of people who upgraded a bad skill to the max level, or put points into a stat that they don’t need for their class.

This has already been suggested. Please check if there are already posts with your suggestions before creating a new topic, thanks!

We plan on adding this eventually.


before I knew there were factions I put all my stat points into stats equally…I wish I could reassign them now I know I want to be mage.

Definitely agree, my second slot is a mage with 15 strength and i really want a way to respec or at least delete the slot but i cant even do the latter lol

I definitely agree with a way to respec stat and skill points

yeah, not now but in the future, this would be nice

This is a good feature please bereza read this or any dev read this and add it to the game

please add this