Item bug :c :C :c

When I kill Yeti, every item it’s occupied by other persons. Everyone can take the items but not me, they are already occupied. Solve this pls

It’s because the more damage you do, the more loot you get. Level up more then go again

thank you so much !

May close this thread as it may not possibly be a bug? If you don’t contribute enough damage it’s very possible to receive no drops at all.

Wait, hold up. This is an actual bug. As a level 18 mage, I fought against a giant crabby, dealing most of the damage. Still, I received no drops, but when I rejoined the location, all the drops that were previously transparent became available to me. However, when I was fighting yeti as a level 11 hunter, I did practically no damage, but still received quite some loot.

It’s because idols