Italian Translation

As a native Italian, I’d like to offer my help to the forums about translating what has not been translated yet in Italian:


  • Gameplay Discussion = Discussione sul Gameplay
  • Gameplay Improvements = Miglioramenti sul Gameplay
  • Off Topic = Unchanged/The possible translation could be “Fuori Tema”.
  • Tutorials and Guides = Tutorial e Guide
  • Marketplace = Mercato/Unchanged
  • Bug Reports = Segnalazioni di Bug/Unchanged
  • New Features = Nuove Funzionalità/Nuove Features/Unchanged
  • Moderator Applications = Applicazioni per i Moderatori

Format: the tags marked in bold mean that there are multiple choices.

Welcoming Message

"Salve. Abbiamo notato che sei stato impegnato a leggere, il che è fantastico, quindi ti abbiamo promosso ad un livello superiore di fiducia!

Siamo molto compiaciuti che tu stia trascorrendo del tempo con noi e ci piacerebbe sapere di più su di te. Prenditi un pò di tempo per riempire il tuo profilo, o sentiti libero di cominciare un nuovo topic."

discobot's tutorial


Greetings! = Saluti!
Basic = Base

For now, this seems to be all.

I hope that I have helped the forum and the Italian users, if you think that I’ve missed something or something is wrong with the translations, then please tell me!


This is nice! Although having an Italian translation would help the forums, but are there really anyone that plays Vesteria and doesn’t know English? (If there is, how would they read NPC dialogue would be a bigger problem). I appreciate you helping out those rare non-English speaking Italians though

This is very nice.

Thank you.

i can speak spanish but cant type. me voice act? and yes im part cuban, cuban is my first yet i speak english more