It is Time, fellow Vesterians

This ancient battleground for forgotten heroes deserves for its name to be heard again!


Vesteria has always had features such as the hourly boss, The Yeti, and The Spider Queen to continually drive incentives and players to experience this content. And never has The Yeti or The Spider Queen been ignored as a result.
as Berezaa and the devs continue to add new, exhilarating content such as Hardcore Mode and the new Dunes and The Gauntlet later this year. Our all time favourite PvP arena has been long forgotten and demeaned and it does not deserve this!
In order to bring back the fame and attention that The Colosseum deserves, I suggest this.

- An hourly Colosseum Boss that has a chance of dropping Colo Weapons, Gear and Armor.
These are the implications:

  • Rare variants of the Colosseum gear in the shop can possible drop, which also gives great incentives to high level players who are forced to grind popular bosses such as Moko Tu Aa which is not resourceful at all in smaller servers!

  • Content such as the Colosseum quest is once again more relevant which influences players to complete it, which is insanely more effective and efficient than leaving old worthwhile quests to rot away.

  • Finally, this is an BIG brain mechanic that can allow HIGHLY relevant Colosseum Gear, ONLY obtainable in the shop, to be MORE available to players who lack the gear they need! Instead, of forcing these players to grind their lives away on less effective shop gear at Forsaken Island, for example.

  • Imagine the effect on the game if, OBTAINABLE SHOP GEAR CAN ALSO HAVE VARIANTS!

The Statistics:

  • I recommend Drop rates to be similar to those of Moko Tu Aa, as higher levels receive the same content at Forsaken Island but must also be skilled enough to earn it! But the drop rates MUST ALSO be accessible to lower levels to promote available and enjoyable gameplay to the underrepresented players!
  • Suggestion. The Colosseum boss does not drop scrolls of any sort, so that players still have an incentive to EARN MARKS and buy cursed scrolls from the Colosseum Shop!

The Lore:

  • As stated by Ethera, the Champion of the Colosseum, we fools are not ready to challenge her!. Hence, I suggest that this “hourly Colosseum Boss” could possibly be a new Colo quest and realistic way to prove ourselves to her. Or the Colosseum Boss itself could be Ethera?
    The Idea is that there is so many possibilities with the Colosseum that can be a useful asset to the focus on Storybuilding for Vesteria this year so lets make use of it!

I really hope that the Colosseum gets what it deserves after all this time and this forum post earns the attention and priority that it requires to improve this game for all players, regardless of ability and level.

Vesteria is MORE than just a farming simulator, MAKE THE MOST of the content there is already!

Cursed Scrolls can already be used to have a chance to provide a variant to shop-only items. This means that items that are only sold in shops that have variants on them, no matter what the variant, would be exceedingly rare and valuable. By applying the logic in your post to all shop items, you’re essentially just devaluing ones with variants.

The idea of adding something to Colosseum to spice it up a bit is a good idea, though, in my opinion.

Hence, I’m not applying the logic to ALL shop items. It’s just a possibility and mechanic suggestion for The Colosseum specifically, because as you can see, this post is about revival of the GREAT ARENA

Lmao honestly, I don’t mind your criticism, but you’re stretching it too far with that sort of thinking,
epik bruh moment.

P.S Colo shop gear is wayyyyy more rare than any other shabby shop item in Vesteria. That’s why my post is relevant to the Colosseum Shop only.

To add onto what you said, colosseum weaponry should receive outrageously good buffs to tempt players to achieve them over other gear until around level 40 or so. This would bump up the forever doomed tier 1 colosseum weapons that crashed shortly after being released and are at rock bottom value, influencing players to try and achieve them, but a mini boss would further help towards this end.

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I’ve actually made a post incredibly similar to this MONTHS ago. Feel free to read it to see whether you like any of the ideas I suggested in the past.

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I mean in the end, everyone will still be worried about max level players being able oneshot lower level players due to the difference of gear, rather than stats!

That’s why I really hope Berezaa can find a sustainable solution to the Stat Formulae for Damage Dealt, HP increase from leveling, VIT (as Meta suggested, “0.62% increase in HP per VIT point”) and also Damage Reduction!

Because, at this point, if level caps keep increasing, the power, weapon atk, and gear perks of high level players will UNFAIRLY abuse the gameplay experience for lower level players exponentially!

Anything that helps out the completely ignored PVP community in vesteria is a good update.

I’m sure we’ll get new collosseum stuff before launch. Having different servers for it based on your level would be a much needed update.

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I’d say a system where you get more rewards when the opponent is more powerful is better imo

Me no agree with this.

For those who still don’t know, there is a new mechanic where when you level up you take more damage, which kind of ruined pvp in my opinion. I hope the mechanic does not apply to pvp.

Since when!?

Not sure, but it was probably in December.

Doubt it but kay.

I’ve stated many times that I want to have Ethera be a fight-able enemy, as well as have singleplayer missions where you have to defeat your faction rep in order to earn your subclass. Finally, I’ve stated that we want to have friendly guard NPCs in Mushroom Forest that will fight enemies.

All of these ideas require us to complete the Humanoid Mob Platform, a concept that would in theory allow us to spawn a humanoid body with any player or non-player equipment we want, and allowing it to use any player or non-player ability. This would have huge implications for our game, like having a humanoid enemy with a special ability that you can somehow earn by defeating it, or having enemies that are class hybrids which can perform multiple class abilities (imagine a “Battle Mage” in the Colosseum that can use mage bomb but also ground slam you.)

As you might imagine, this will require us to do a substantial rewrite of our abilities to allow them to be cast by non-player entities. The systems just aren’t in place. It’s going to be very hard.

I really want this to get done, and I have confidence that if we do everything else right this will eventually get done.


I think this would be awesome. NPCs have been a little bland, and I think this is great option.

One question though… Would the player be able to gather, even temporally, the perks and skills that the humanoids use? Or would they be more quest-orientated, just used to add challenges and feeling to the game?

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we’ll finally be able to 1v1 our subclass trainer

I am all for Colosseum being improved. As it stands it is completely unbalanced (meteor) and very buggy. Every time we’ve gone to Colosseum it’s been ended by a data store outage and become unplayable. I would like to see some fixes made to the zone, especially considering its potential connection with the gauntlet. (Speculation)

Make sure they get stamina pls.


Well, one idea I can think of to balance high and low level players is to average out stats of the players in the colosseum, like make everyone’s stats there be scaled down/up to a level 30. That’d be nice if weapon attack also got scaled to a standard level, but for colosseum only of course.