Issue with Dunes map [Cacti grooves]

As the area Cacti Grooves is riddled with holes, many of them have no way out as they’re too tall or have no exits. Unless your character has a movement ability, there is no way out. All one can do is reset constantly.

While this isn’t neccesarilly a bug (I can’t find any other topics), it’s an issue I’ve come across enough to warrant some worry for others who had to deal with it.

it’s not a bug, it’s supposed to be like that

Just use a rune.


theres a way out. have patiences and look for it lol

there is a hole without any way out other than stacking on someones head or resetting/ruing to get out. I looked everywhere for an exit there just wasnt one.

than reset or beg for runes

@Meta please close this.
its not a bug

@Meta close

Not a bug.