Is This Intended? Can fast travel to nilgarf before lvl 15

(I was not sure which topic this should go in)(I also could not find a different post covering this topic so sorry if I’m blind and there is)
So I was at the warrior stronghold with my friend. My friend for no apparent reason decided to chat with the fast travel guy
and he saw that he could fast travel to nilgarf. Keep in mind we were only about level 12-13 at the time. I didn’t believe him so I checked for myself. Turns out that I could really do it. If this s not intended pls fix it.
Edit:I think this should go to bug reports because the point of the guard is to stop people from below lvl 15 from entering nilgarf

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This most likely wasnt intended

ok then I hope it gets fixed

Nilgarf runes must soulbpund @berezaa

ber said himself that he doesn’t really mind if people sneak into nilgarf if i remember correctly, because he made it hard to get past the guard already. if someone finds a way, good for them.

they obviously thought about having the option of nilgarf in taximan dave in mushtown because that was the first leak of the taximan.

Alright. Have any direct quotes from ber saying that though?


ok thank you

Yes, it is intended. The guard is just to be annoying I guess, and you can get into the city before level 15 by a number of means. I have found two means that work reliably, I will put them below…

A1. Reach level 10 and swear allegiance to the Hunters.
A2. Get the “Double Jump” Hunter Skill.
A3. Go to the right side of the path, onto the rock between the tower with a chest on it and the wall.
A4. Use “Double Jump” to jump onto the path. This will put you onto the path to Nilgarf BEHIND the sentry, though there isn’t much that can be done there at that time, aside from completing the quest for the Innkeeper in Mushtown (i forget her name).

B1. Gather 12 Silver
B2. Talk to Taximan Dave
B3. Choose the “Nilgarf” option.

I know it is possible to get there through the sewers, but the sewers are kinda buggy for me and so I consider it an unreliable method.
At the time I post this, I am already level 31, but these are methods I discovered ~12th level.

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