Is This Going To Be A Mob?

I’ve always wandered what this was going to be.

I think its just a joke

Even so, I think flame boars would be a very good high level mob, maybe level 20.

How do we go from Spiders to Giant Boars with flaming eyes.

Well this is a game with mages in it. So flaming boars wouldn’t be that atypical.

Can’t say false to that.

yes it is a complete sentence

I just think it’s strange for them to make a model just for a weird joke. It doesn’t seem like it’s super detailed so maybe it didn’t take that long to make but that’s really going out of your way for memes. :thinking: Maybe it’ll see a re-purpose in the future.

Yeah, it appears simple. It will probably be remodeled for future use cough cough mounts cough. It could be a mob for all you know.

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oh boy, I got something for ya’ll

and now for the actual post, I made like a year ago

in a nutshell

this is something that the devs made as a joke or experiment or something so it’s not stated that it will ever be in the game but as with most unused models and assets they eventualy get added into the game

as for the boar itself, berezaa stated that not everything they make will be put into the game and that we shouldn’t take ever spoiler and/or leak as a fact (basically avoiding saying yes or no to the existence of this mob is in the game which is big sad)

That wasn’t the point of this topic. What I meant to get across was that it would be good if this flame boar were to be added as a mob in the game.

would it be nice if it would be added? yes

will it be added? probably not, the end <3

Why not? It is a good looking mob.

cuz that’s what I understood from what berezaa said

It would be nice if this could be a mount drop from some kind of end game traitor to the Warriors faction. lolxd (I’m not joking btw)

actually you weren’t the first person to make a topic discussing this.

I am fully aware of this fact, as you might of known, I’ve been very active on the forums ever since berezaa posted a link to it. But I took it upon myself to make a specific category about this picture, suggesting that it would become a mob, which was not discussed in the topic Phoenix posted.
That being said, the focus of this topic is of its own category, so there is no need to mention that the picture has already been discussed.

Just Pretend It Is Invisible Instead Of There. That Would Help You Not Getting Into Arguments.

check who i was responding to.