Is this game ever going to have Rthro support

just wondering

I don’t think so, the Rthro Support doesn’t include double jump, combat roll, or blink.

There can’t be Rthro support because the characters are set in 1.0 in R15, so that can’t happen. It is for optimization reasons why it can’t be supported in Vesteria

Why Would They Ever Want Rthro? THEY ARE MONSTERS!

The game uses custom characters, which I am willing to bet the devs wouldn’t want to re-animate and re-code the characters from the ground up.

I really hope it won’t ever have Rthro.

it won’t. The devs don’t need to waste time reanimating and rescripting so that characters can be Rthro.

Rthro is possibly the worst thing Roblox has released since r15. Also, (this has been previously been stated) loadcharacterappearance is turned off (meaning the game doesn’t load your Roblox avatar and instead loads the game’s own avatar to which you can customize in the game itself.) and the game has custom animations, models, and characters. I doubt they would re-script/re-build the entire game to work with Rthro

Rthro isn’t THAT bad, R15 wasn’t bad at all. They actually provide more opportunities for devs to create new games using the new rig, since they can now manipulate its structure easily.

I should clear something up. When r15 was released I hated it because I’m an original Roblox player and I’ve lived with r6 for nearly my entire Roblox experience. I have gotten used to r15 and I find it cool when making games-- and like you said, it gives more opportunity to developers. However, the same thing does not go for Rthro. Rthro is another example of Roblox not listening to their community and doing whatever they want. All I’ve heard from people was the disgust in the idea around a year ago and then Roblox released it anyway. Rthro doesn’t add anything new to the community apart from these god awful packages and animations. (Rthro is just a bad re skin of r15 ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

Meh, I see your point. But of course it is optional; it’s not like one is forced to use it. At least there’s one Rthro package that actually looks decent anyway. The animations are ok as well. Overall, meh, Rthro wasn’t worth the time Roblox invested it implementing it.