Is there going to be flying?

This rill got me

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there isn’t going to be flying but there definitelly will be invisible chairs

omg that is the best thing you could have sad (now thinking of it to much this is hurting my head is there going to be flying devs pls tell me i am dieing)

Lol thats funny

Just A Good Mage.

It’s a new form of exercise for mages. Air squats.

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My best guess is that it might be an invisible chair? Like they created a chair but didn’t give it a texture. Not sure If that’s how it works but it is wither that or they are just testing out sitting npcs.

Well I did find away to move on a invisible chair not sure if its patched but all you had to do was sit down and then reset and you would still be in the sitting pose but able to walk deal damage and cast spells :smiley:

i want to sit in that chair