Is there a backup server?

Just wondering, is there a vesteria backup server? I dont care if this topic gets closed, as long as I get a reply.

wdym a backup server?

like, for discord

oh I don’t think there is, community discords are popping up tho

Community discords were popping up even before the server shut down, saying they were “Vesteria Backup”.

lol is there a particularly big one

i mean heres mine that i currently own, you can join if you want buts its omega dead until vesteria comes back.

To put it simply, no. Well none of them are official, all of them belong to some person in the community

The server is going to go back up eventually but for the time being berezaa doesn.'t want any “influence” or things like that so you can’t access chats unless you are or were a tester, are a nitro booster, a mod/gamemaster, or a member of the staff.