Is the update dropping its almost midnight?!

Is the update going to drop or not… it’s 11:55 you got 5 mins mah man. 4 minutes 3!!!

If the update doesn’t drop, we’re stoning Berezaa to death in Nilgarf. I call dibs on his dog.

Welp, did you stone him yet?

he won’t get on tho

the update is being delayed for another week

how do you know this…?

Crap talk lol

Berzza said it him self at twitter

Can you send a link to it, I cannot find it.

can’t find it anymore it was somone else who posted it.

Then I cannot believe you.

That twitter post was fake. The name of the file was even named “FakeTweets”

I swear, people get stupider as time passes.

I mean they pretty much already delayed 3,5 week
whats stoping em on delaying it even more. I honestly won’t be suprised if it even got delayed even more lol

Neither would I, but I would be furious.

Same, I can’t stand another delay, especially since the devs wouldn’t announce it.

I don’t even know why people chose large updates over a long period of time on the Game Updates Poll.
It leads to more delays, which leads to less players.

welp i’m just waiting for Crimson Desert onnline to come out at this point. Also by the looks of it even if this update does come out you’d proably run out of content after 1 day or 2. Since as far as i know all their adding is hunter city that’s proably nothing to do there other than to explore,Goblins that is proably for low levels, Spider dagger which is just going to force players to grind spiders even more “Fun”, some few convinent items like teleportation scroll which i guess is alirght, but don’t think its a major game feature. a few bug fixes and such. I doubt they’re going to add duengons to this update, considering they haven’t even started to work on that yet.

Not relevant.

having an opinion does not have to be relevant.