Is the Temple open, or am I missing something? Besides, Dunes is awesome!

Hi there, 2 questions.

Q1: Iv’e been playing the update for around 5 hours so far, and I have yet to find the 4th page for the Journal Quest. I seen people have trouble on the third one, but I found it with ease. RESOLVED: Whispering Dunes Map (Version 1.3)

Q2: Also, for the light-beam puzzle, I completed it and my screen shook – and I haven’t noticed any changes. Don’t know if it’s supposed to open up the Temple… or something else. <<< MAINLY RESOLVED!

If you happen to have answers to my questions and your happy to help, please respond to this post! It will not only help me, but other fellow members who come across this post too. Thank you.

I don’t really remember where I find page 4 but where did you find your page 3. teehee.

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I forgot, honestly, I feel like I’m either nauseous or hallucinating at this point… :joy:

someone said it was on top of the anvil shape mountain

Yup, my head is just feeling dizzy from all the traveling in this desert lmao

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Yea, it’s weird. But thanks for the info guys, I’ll give it a try now.

at one of the light beam reflectrs, there is a bit more of the palace showing. There, you can enter the palace

Whats strange is that I was able to go inside both rooms even when I hadn’t finished the puzzle.

How do you repair one of the reflectors? A.K.A where do you get an archaeologist?

??? I’m not sure what you mean. All you have to do is walk up to the reflector and press c (or whatever you changed the keybind to).

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Yea, @MegaCactus is right. We’re not sure what you mean by that…

I feel like I’m just getting bullied by the game at this point like how you could live your whole life color blind and nobody would notice because you yourself don’t notice anything wrong.