Is the journal quest broken?

like i got all the pages, went to the temple and found mississippi, got my weapon and i STILL couldn’t turn in the quest to henry
it also doesn’t appear in my quest log he just gives me the same dialogue over and over
i also did the shard quest and got the sun weapon

U talked to missipi and him turn shining yellow then chose the correct vase?

Did you fix the mirrors afterwards? That might be the issue.

Ah that’s my problem, thanks

yeah i did and got the weapon

oh no i didn’t
i’ll try that, thanks

but like whenever i try to fix it it won’t work and says something like ‘’you can’t repair this. maybe an archaeologist could help?’’

I’m not really sure how to help then…sorry

thanks anyways

You have to do sin tablet I thinl

i did
i could finally accept the quest but now i can’t finish the last part bc mississipi isn’t in the temple anymore lol

LLLLL sucks

@Davidii pls fix