Is platinum the final coin type?

I am wondering what is after platinum?
Cobalt, something else or is there just nothing?

Probably nothing, and platinum isn’t even implemented yet

I remember ppl talking about it.

Yeah its gonna be a thing, but right now once you hit 1000g it doesn’t change to platinum

no there is nothing after gold it just stays gold so 1 palt will be 1000 gold

I dunno yet, but you can always have cool ideas.


I agree


So it will be:

Coal -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Cobalt -> Emerald -> Ruby -> Diamond -> Mithral -> Adamantine

1 Adamantine = 1 thousand Mithral = 1 million Diamond = 1 billion Ruby = 1 trillion Emerald = 1 quadrillion Cobalt = 1 quintillion Platinum = 1 sextillion Gold = 1 septillion Silver = 1 octillion Bronze = 1 nontillion Coal

Coal replaces Bronze, and everyting moves up (Bronze is new Silver, Silver is new Gold, Gold is new Platinum, etc).

If anyone ever gets 1 thousand Adamantine it just stops. There is nothing above Adamantine in other words.

EDIT: If someone actually takes the time to get 1k Adamantine that’s just ridiculous, like do you have a life m8?

This is actualy a preaty good idea

Thanks. The hardest part of that was actually just getting the number-names right.

Pretty sure berezaa confirmed gold would be the highest tier of money.

yes but coal will have no value

You got nonillion wrong


i mean, if this game gets really big and goes down a simillar path as a certain unnamed game with orange mushrooms, hitting ludicrous amounts of money will be achieved at some point with enough farming and people finding weird strategies to maximize mushcoins per hour

hek, we might as well as start now since the game isn’t up yet and we are all dying of boredom. we could just do some random theories using estimates from before the game shutdown

Let’s see, in a nearly empy server (5 ppl tops) forsaken isle farming yields about two stacks on mogomelons per five minutes, on average, not including Mo Ko Tu Aa. Each stack sells for 14.7S (what would be Bronze in new update)

urgh my brain hurts. I can’t get past new Silver.

well well well well well
lets have a look at the coins
that’s fine(and not changing, hopefully)
Platinum should be the eternal max, bc Ber has stated that HEY, the level cap is ETERNALLY at 50, so items would retain about dunes level prices so like 1.2G for the armor is the most expensive item from shops

The best way is using alt farm at colosseum. It’s been the best since I was playing lmao

Don’t listen to Megami, she has somewhat of a bad reputation here on the forums, alt colo farming just sounds so, I dunno, cheaty? Also it won’t even work out colo is dead half the time and other people can also kill your alt for marks

You ARE aware that once you get those shop armors mushcoin dies basically?