Is meta annoying when it comes to fake updates?

  • Yes
  • No

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this is not meant to be offensive and is just a joke

Obviously Yes

He’s just immature but thats fine

I’m bored waiting for the update, that’s why I’m acting unusual


Sureeeeee… You arent like this all the time? Jk i dont really care just please dont go too far with the pranking.

No, I usually am a lot more mature and professional on the fourm, but since I’m getting bored of grinding, why not liven up the forums a bit? Also sorry if I upset anyone with the “new feature” I found.

Also, I recommend recategorizing this topic to #general-discussion:off-topic or berezaa will see and move it there. Wouldn’t want that to happen.

Thank you for reminding me.

Fake leaks M A N

Meta is my M A N, don’t speak in such a way to him.

Don’t you mean your M A N?

From what I know about Meta, he appears to be a logical thinker. That’s what I see, regardless of what he has done while bored it certainly hasn’t been anything worse than what others have done. As for this, I recommend you close it, Meta may not want to say it, but I have a feeling that he doesn’t take it kindly.


I don’t really regard this as “offensive” on a personal level. It seems more of a joke post to me, but regardless, people view things differently than I do. It would be better for this post not to be made or to not be posted in a place where everyone can see this. I would be completely fine if this was on a Discord, but this is a forum; civilized discussion is supposed to go here.

Oh sorry let me fix that

Lmao i thought you meant meta like warrior meta, where you have to pick something because it’s meta, or popular

Meta’s a good guy. The only times I think of his actions as unusual is when he’s over-professional. I’ve noticed this more since he got a higher Trust level. However, he’s still a good guy— he’s very responsible and nice to the community.


I find Meta a good guy and a great friend. he’s not really annoying to me.

Like a4DCube said, Meta is a kind and responsible man to the community.