Is it worth maxing out Adventurer?

Title says all


I mean, it really depends

Is it possible? I’d say if you can, why not.

If You Don’t Pick A Class At Level 10, You Can Max Out Double Slash, Regeneration And Rock Throw At Level 12.

I’d say definitely get Double Slash first, and then Max out Regen. Maxing out Rock Throw depends on your build.


Actually u cant max out all the adventurer points after level 10 the points go into a different class even if u haven’t chosen one yet.

You Don’t Have To Pick A Class At Level 10. So If You Level Up To Level 12 You Can Pick Up All Adventurer Skills, Then Choose A Class…

Did u ever try that?

I’m not too sure but I believe that’s what happened to me. (I got to level 11 and it just put a point in hunter) Did you actually try that Nofearon or are you just assuming.

I’ve Seen Someone Do It. Just Don’t Pick A Class At Level 10.

I’m rather tired of you spouting false information, so I’ll just correct you for this one.

I’ve Seen People Do This. This Was On Week 12. So Don’t Call Me A Liar.

Then how about not treating information from a month ago as fact? If you haven’t noticed, they are constantly updating so obviously things will change.

They Never Said That They Fixed It. So How Would I Know?

I wonder if they mentioned they fixed it…

What Topic? Also When I Mention ‘They Never Said’ I Mean When You Go Onto The Game It Does Say Fixes. Obviously This Wasn’t In It.

I’m just trying to explain that you shouldn’t denounce people’s facts by bringing up outdated evidence (especially since, of course, you haven’t tested it yourself) Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s 2 AM where I live and I need to sleep.

All In All I Love It When People Post Screenshots From 1 Day Ago Which Doesn’t Prove It Didn’t Work Last Week (Week 15).

I think the game should make the class optional…