Is It Worth It Dying Ranging Gear

I am wondering it it is worth Dying the Ranging Gear grey, because im afaid the pure value will be lost. Ty!

Grey dye on an item tends to increase its value if anything.

dye affects value in what way?

little fact:the ranging gear is unobtainable for now cuz the Npc in the hunter city doesnt sell it anymore

Wait WHAT? Guess I’m never getting rid of my red ranging gear

then how are rangers gonna get more power?

using vbuckz

Well if you were worried about the pure value, couldn’t a Reset Scroll restore it to undyed?
Okay I just went to Testing Realm, yes, it does.

do you mean roux



Wait, a reset scroll resets not only the scrolls, but the dye too?

Yes, it makes the weapon completely clean.

Neat, Ty