Is It worth investing points into Blink as a mage?

I need help. I reborned to become a mage. Wondering what skills I should get. Most importantly, whether or not blink is worth investing more than 1 stat point.

Of course not, I’m afraid so. You’re better off putting 1 into Blink just to get the skill and maxing Magic Bomb and Thundercall, since Blink is purely transportational and doesn’t give you much of an edge in either PvP or PvE combat. With your 21 skill points, you can max any 2 skills.

Thank you for your opinion. I would like to see if anyone has a differing one.

if you’re fine with using upward momentum to get the hunter gear go right on

otherwise no

Sorry? I don’t follow

blink (before nerf) had upward movement, so you could use a mage with a high enough blink to get the hunter gear in sqr

Ok, but what I don’t get is what you mean by using upward momentum atm to get a ‘hunter gear’
I’m confused by what hunter gear in sqr you are talking about.

there’s a gear in SQR that can only be obtained by entering a tunnel which requires a hunter with double jump or a mage with decent blink levels to reach the entrance

Ok. So just a final clarification, does blink still poses this upward movement?


I’d say so. Thunderfall, while useful, doesn’t need all 10 points. None of the mage subclasses give a moment ability, while they all give a ranged one. I used to have max thundercall and I really can’t notice a difference.

I only said so because I main Cleric and only Cleric. It’s actually nice to get opinions from Sorcerers and Warlocks.
In the end, the decision is yours and yours only, and related to what subclass you fancy.
I’d still say Blink is purely a movement ability, and just isn’t worth points when grinding outside of SQR maybe, and either Clerics need that extra bit of Thundercall DPS, or my OCD triggers when I get a skill to V-IX but not X.

Ok. My ocd triggers between 6-8. Because it goes ‘VIII’ and goes out of the skill box

Blink with mushroom staff at low levels is busted, but otherwise just get the skill once and max magic bombs / thundercall.

As a sorcerer, my advice is to have max magic bomb and thundercall. Blink is only used to movement.

Why? You have several subclass abilities that provides damage - you can’t cast thundercall, and mage bomb, and frostcall, and fireball, and earthcall all without repetition. Why wouldn’t you want movement to dodge?

Maybe I should read up on the different sub classes to see their skill set. It might help decide

Personally I would max blink because eventually the other damage abilities will probably be outdone by subclasses and their ‘upgrades’ or whatever you wanna call them. Plus making them doesn’t make that much of a difference in dps anyways.

Mage subclasses dont really have a ability that outdoes thundercall and magic bomb

level 1 blink is enuf to get gear, i tried it