Is it ok to spend 5 point for both VIT and INT?(warrior)

a lv20 warrior now hoping to be strongest one.(or at least strongest i can build up with 50STR 10DEX spent already) and i suddenly come out with a idea like… do INT n VIT is actually useless for warrior? warrior describe in faction selection said they can tank? and warriors also use skills to do higher damage or fast movement and dodge? trying to spread out the idea in wider use of my warrior this just confused me…help!

INT is a skill point that enhances magic abilities, resistance and mana. It would be better to focus your skill points into VIT, STR, etc.

Later on in the game, INT will be more useful for Warriors if you go the Paladin subclass route.

For Vesteria, it’s actually a viable option to invest into INT no matter what class you are. It’s mainly because all skills use magic, which pretty much all classes use, not just mages. As for VIT, i’d say that, like INT, it’ll probably become more useful in future updates.

@X_XenoCrySis For now, you can get by just going into STR so atm it doesn’t matter too much. I’d recommend basing your stats off of what type of class you want to be. For example, as a warrior, you may want to be a tank so you’d put a decent amount of points into VIT. If you wanted to be more focused on DPS, you would put points into STR and some into INT for skill spam.

Keep in mind that in the future there’ll be subclasses.

I went for STR and DEX. More STR tho

it is TOTALY fine to invest 5 even 10 points into INT and VIT (why haven’t you upgraded your VIT stat btw???)

there is no correct way to play and since INT provides mana regen (that every class benefits from) I would say its even mandatory to invest into INT (since the mana regen without any INT is just garbage)

a lot of people tend to forget that all of the skills use mana and every stat is viable no matter what class you are

But if ur a magic attack spamming mage DEX won’t help you since abilities can’t crit

i wants a warrior likely allrounder but useful based on DPS. 70STR, 10DEX, 5VIT, 5INT confirmed?

what? abilities can crit, I have heard that magic bomb can crit, were the rumours false

Nah, if magic bomb could crit, I would see it deal 1.5k dmg myself