Is getting infinite sprint considered bannable?

So uh right now theres a bug that lets you to get the movment speed of you sprinting. Atm this bug is really usefull and fun to use and does not hurt anyone, If anything i wish this was an actuall feature. Having the movment speed of your sprint makes the game 100% more convinent and fighting mobs and grinding 100% more fun. I am willing to message this bug to the devolopers if they promise to add something like a movment speed boost as a feature in the future. Also only few people know about this bug atm, so its not that big of a deal and not that game breaking anyways.

It’s a glitch, not an exploit you should be fine.

But don’t do it.

You know the devs can see forum posts right…?

I know thats why its a bug report? They can contact me and i can tell them how the bug works unless you want me to tell everyone how to do that bug and just have everyone running around with speedboost?

You wouldn’t get punished for it or at least you shouldnt. Its the most passive glitch in the game and they have had plenty of time to patch it. If it was a terrible thing they would have done something by now.