Is Benitoli Mussolini the Human Re-incarnation of God/Fascism is Good?

Hi, my name is Luke. I am a friend of the Bean Boi. I feel as if Benitoli Mussolini is the human embodiment of God. Do you agree?

I believe you are confusing him with our lord and savior Gaben Newell

B34N B01? :o

I believe that you happen to be mistaken. Benitoli Mussolini is the leader of fascist Italy during WWII. Gabe cannot and will not surpass the mighty Mussolini.

Luke is my friend from school who has referred to me as Bean Boi - Ben(GeneralOmegus)

But, but, I thought I am Bean boi ;-;

i dont believe in god lol when i die i want to see black