Is auto clicking ok for killing mobs (not being afk)

is it okay to auto click while playing? My hand gets tired after killing alot of mobs over time.

not being afk? uhhh… i dont think so. but look around and you’ll get your answers

im pretty sure it is, a lot of people do it for farming but soon berezaa is going to add ways to counter autoclicking and making the game more fun

auto-clicking while playing is mostly ok
some people on the forums have made some fuss about this topic but it’s nothing harmful
afk auto-clicking IS however prohibited

A. no cheetzing its annoying.
B. How does your hand get tired? literally I have played this for like 6 hrs straight and my hand hasn’t gotten sore… does not compute
C. imo no autoclicking is allowed ever but uh… nobody listens to me abt this…
D. Im the person that makes fuss abt auto clickers that Phoenix mentioned

Take breaks between grinding, helps my fingers