Iron's Guide to Maximize Damage

In this post, it will show you ways to maximize all damage in Vesteria. Through potions, equipment, perks and more I present to you; How to maximize damage!

Potions & Consumables

This category will tell you about all the consumable items that you can use to increase DPS and stat points.

Hog Meat

Hog Meat

To begin the first category, these consist of potions and consumbles that you’re able to eat to increase damage, stat points or other.
The likely easiest stat-boosting consumable you can get is hog meat! Yes, that stuff.
Hog meat can be obtained by killing hogs. We do not have a certain drop rate, but it’s safe to say it’s quite common. When consuming hog meat, it will boost your attack by a decent portion for 3 minutes,along with 70 HP restored. Hog meat can stack up to 32 and is a pretty good consumable considering you’re able to obtain it very early game.

Spider's Essence

Spider’s Essence

The most obvious stat boosting potion, Spider’s Essence. Spider’s Essence can be obtained directly from killing the queen at a 5% chance, or bought with 7 Spider Eggs. Spider Essence greatly increases attack, but at the cost of 100 HP.
Spider’s Essence is able to be stacked up to 16, and is great for increasing damage when fighting bosses or dealing with strong enemies. Don’t forget about the cost of 100 HP, or you might be doomed. If you would like to retain your HP from this bargain, try using a Rubee Halo (obtained in Scallop Shores doing the Rubee Problem quest) adding 150 HP. (Arc) Or you could try a muffin, as it increases your max HP by 50, negating most of the affect.

Stat Potions

Stat Potions

Another obvious one, but a good one is Stat Potions. There are four different types of stat boosting potions each for different stat. STR, INT, and DEX are the main ones you need to care about. Those are essential for maximizing damage output.
RobloxScreenShot20191201_190937189%20(2) same thing for other potions, just +4(stat name)
If you’re getting for a big fight, make sure you chug these. If you’re a warrior or a hunter, you’ll likely only need STR and DEX, whilst Mages only need INT. Also look toward VIT if you need some extra health. Potions stacked with Hog Meat and Spider Essence can increase your damage by a LOT!
The best way to get potions is going to the respective base, Port Fidelio sells DEX, Warrior Stronghold sells STR, and Tree of Life sells INT pots. Potions stack up to 16.

Faction Drinks

Faction Specific Drinks

Many do not use Faction Specific drinks because they’re weak, but if you need an extra boost, they’re here. The Flagon of Red Potion is the warrior drink you can obtain by buying at Warrior Stronghold, or killing the Yeti and/or Baby Yetis. The Flagon increases STR by one, while recovering 200 HP.
The second faction drink is the Silver Cup of Red Potion. This mage drink is dropped by Goblins and Shaman, or can be bought at Tree of Life. It increases your INT by one, while also recovering 200 HP.
The final faction drink is the Chalice of Red Potion. This drink is able to be bought at Port Fidelio. It increases your DEX by one, and recovers 200 HP.
Faction drinks aren’t required, but if you’re looking to fully maximize, this is the way to go.
Also the colosseum has Horn of Red Potion, which increases vitality by one. Not useful for damage

Armors & Accessories

The armors and acessories category will be split into 4 parts; each for different faction, and also every faction can wear. Let’s begin with adventurers/all factions.



The first hat able to be worn by all that helps damage is the Ratking Bucket. The bucket is able to be obtained by completing all 5 of the Rat King’s quest, making you spend a very long time within the sewer. The hat increases STR and DEX by 9, but decreases INT by 3. Is it worth it? At that point in the game, not really, but it’s still an option if you’re looking for something that increases both STR and DEX.

The second hat is the Snel Helm. The helm can be obtained at a low chance by exchanging shells at Scallop Shores with Shelly. Shelly can be found on an island above the entrance to Shiprock Bottom. To obtain the shells, go into Shiprock Bottom, and kill Snels until you’ve gotten a good portion and exchange them.

Snel Helmets are for times that you need more INT. They are currently one of the best hats for Paladin builds, as they’re currently the best hat for warriors with INT. The helmet decreases dexterity by 3, but it’s a good investment to make if you’re looking for an intelligence boost. big brain time

The last hat is the Spider Queen’s Crown. This hat is not ideal if you’re looking for a good damage build, but it’s still there. It increases +4 in all stats while looking incredibly fancy. The crown should only be used as an accessory when out of battle, or even times when you need extra stat points in something.



The best armor to increase warrior DPS would be the Gladiator Chestplate. It can be obtained at the Colosseum with 100 Marks of Valor. The armor has a perk called Reckless, where it increases your damage by 10%, but increases damage taken by 10%. This is not essential for damage dealing builds, but if you’re looking for something to help, this is it. Level requirement is 28.

For hats, warriors have 2 main choices. The first choice is the Nightstrider Helmet. It increases STR by 22, which is insanely helpful. It can be bought at Forsaken Isle for 194s.

The second hat choice is the Arachnid Helmet. It can be bought at the Spider Queen’s Revenge merchant for 100 Royal Spider Eggs. It increases for DEX by 18, for those Warriors looking for speed and extra critical chance. The Arachnid Helmet is not as popular, as it takes more work to grind SQR and some don’t believe its worth it.


Hunters are the class with the most things, as most of the love is given toward them (apparently). The first hat is the Moglo Mask. The Moglo mask increases your STR by an entire 30, but decreases all other stats by 4. This is an insanely valuable upgrade for hunters, and by far considered the best hat. It increases your DPS by a lot, and this is a very viable choice.

The second hunter hat is the Mogloko Mask.It weilds a smile instead of a frown. Instead of increasing STR, it increases DEX by 30 while decreasing all other stats by 4. This is a big upgrade if you’re low on DEX, as builds with mostly STR should have DEX mixed in, making it a great choice for maximizing DPS.

The next hat choice is the Embarker Mask. The mask increases your DEX by 22 while leaving your other stats alone. It can be bought at Forsaken Isle for 194s. This is your next best choice if you dont have Moglo or Mogloko masks, prefer not to have stats subtracted, or looking like a pirate!

Switching to hunter armors, a good choice for increasing STR is the Ravager Vest. The Ravager Vest does not have a perk at this time, so it retains its 3 stars and increases STR by 4. It can be bought in the Colosseum with 100 Marks of Valor.

Our next choice is the Ratty Vest. This vest is a good replacement if you don’t have the Ravager Vest, as it increases STR by 3, but in turn decreases INT by 2. It’s a very low drop from the Ratty monster in the sewers, so if you don’t have the time just save up for the Ravager Vest.


Mages don’t have as much as Warriors and Hunters, as they use INT instead of STR & and DEX. To begin, the first hat is the Surveyor Hat. It increases INT by 22 and can be bought at Forsaken Isle for 194s. It is a very good hat to help maximize mage damage.

Mages don’t have any armor that increases INT sadly. A cheaper alternative to the Surveyor Hat is the Lunar Hat. It increases INT by 19, 3 lower than Surveyor, but still good. It can be bought at Tree of Life for 56.4s and used at level 28.

There are no boots that increase damage, but for best boots there are Yeti Boots, +2 Stamina +4 VIT and Steel Boots (Warrior Exclusive) that gives +3 Stamina but -1 Walkspeed.

Weapons & Weapon Perks

This category is about the many weapons and perks from them you can use to increase your DPS. It will also be sorted in factions, but excluding Adventurers.


The Moko Club can be dropped by Mo Ko Tu Aa or Forsaken isles with a 1% drop chance. It has a base damage of 116 and is the best weapon for warrior DPS. Its perk is Rhythmic Ferocity, which doubles the damage dealt every fourth attack. This is very useful to have the highest damage possible as a warrior.

The next weapon is the Barbarian Sword. It increases your STR by 2 and has a base damage of 96. It is not the best weapon, but it does increase STR so its on this list. The Barbarian Sword can be bought at the Colosseum for 90 Marks of Valor. It’s better to go for the Moko Club, but this is an alternative if it just won’t drop.


The hunters again got a lot of love. The first weapon is the Moko Dagger. The dagger does 116 base damage like all moko weapons and has a perk called Rhythmic Acceleration. Every fourth attack increases attack speed for a temporary amount of time. This is basically having extra DEX, plus it’s on the strongest dagger in the game. It’s the best choice for damage for melee hunters.

The next weapon is the Tuaa Bow. The bow does not have a perk increasing damage, but the only reason its here is its the best bow in the game, so it should be paired with the Moko Dagger to max out DPS. The perk is Rhythmic Splintering, which makes it so only the fourth arrow shot uses an arrow.

The other alternative to the Moko Dagger, the Spider Fang Dagger. The dagger has a base damage of 91 and is considered a Legendary weapon meaning it has 5 stars. It has a perk called Caustic Wounds. Caustic Wounds inflicts poison damage after each hit. This is a very strong perk when it comes to PVP, and it really benefits you, but the base damage of the Moko Dagger and Acceleration peak past this.

The weakest one, but I still wanted to include it is the Mushroom Dagger. The dagger has a base damage of 59 and has a perk called Airborne. Airborne makes all damage whilst in the air deal 50% more. It’s still something to mention, as for lower level hunters can use this to their advantage. The mushroom weapons are also considered Legendary.


Mages of course, are very unloved again. The first weapon is the Tuaa Staff. The Tuaa Staff has a base damage of 116, and has a perk called Rhythmic Invocation. The perk makes it so every fourth ability costs no mana. This staff actually deals less damage in total than using the Webbed Staff with mage bombs, but has a considerably higher base damage with other abilities.

The last mage weapon is the Webbed Staff. The staff has a base damage of 91 and is a very good option for a staff. The perk is Venom Bomb, where if the bomb lands on a flat surface it will drop a puddle, dealing high damage about 3-4 times per second. This can do more damage than the Tuaa Staff if using it on very tanky enemies, so keep that in mind. When using the staff, aim at the ground but still the bomb radius reaches the enemy so the puddles can hit, too.

That’s it for the Weapons & Weapon Perks category. I hope this helped!


To increase damage, scrolling is an obvious way. The best scrolls for this are Ancient Scrolls and Cursed Scrolls. Ancient scrolls only have a 15% chance of success, but they add +4 which is the highest rate you can get. Cursed Scrolls are a bit weirder though. They instead have a chance to destroy your item, but you have a higher success rate. You can get +2, +3 or +4 using Cursed.
Every weapon has a tier, 3 stars being common, 4 being rare, and 5 being legendary. I would suggest if you would like to secure your weapon, like if you have one you spam ancients and hope you get it. Though if you can quickly replenish is, try cursed and test your luck.


Abilities can increase DPS, too. Either from buffs or directly increasing attack/speed. Ability buffs can be obtained by using a buff move, EX: Inspire or having it buffed onto you from another party member.

War Cry
War Cry is a Berserker ability that increases damage. It can be used every 300 seconds (5 minutes) to buff nearby party members.

Ranger’s Stance
Ranger’s Stance is a Ranger ability that drastically increases arrow fire rate, while slowing movement speed and decreasing mana. Using this will add to DPS and helps a lot.

Shadow Walk
Shadow Walk is an Assassin ability that makes you turn invisible, making monsters unable to see you. When breaking out of Shadow Walk, the first attack dealt deals increased damage depending on the ability’s level.

Simulacrum is a Warlock ability, which summons a shadow clone to aid you. This normally does not increase DPS, but the fact that it copies abilities like Pillage Vitality and Dark Pulse can greatly increase damage if both hit.

(Arc) Duel wielding can help your damage greatly, but only Berserkers and Hunters can benefit from it, as they’re the only ones who can use it. If you have a spare weapon that’s able to be put in, throw it in as it still increases damage. Read comment for more info.

Despite some belief, Inspire only increases defense, and I can’t test Prayer of Comfort because its broken. I doubt prayer helps, but if there is anything i’m missing from the list please contact me using the comments or on discord at IceCreeper07#9812

This post took me like 3 and a half hours to make but its was worth it! Some of the information may not be entirely true (like the prices) because I only had access to the testing realm and prices. Updates will come to this soon.


U didn’t specifically state by how much spider essence bossts

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Very nice post for new players. Keep up the good work!!!

Yeah sorry, it would of taken a while to get exact numbers for all consumables, and i’m not sure if it increases just flat out, or it takes into account the basic weapon damage to add. Basically too much time, unsure method of increasing

Down with the ranger lords, they know to much

Praise The Orb

Hog Meat and Essence

Spider Essence and Hog Meat increase your ATK, similar to scrolls. i.e. Hog meat adds 5 base and Essence adds 30. Spider Essence also has an extra effect, which you didn’t mention, which is the +1 in STR, INT, DEX, and VIT. I think you should also mention that muffins can negate 50% of the downside of essence, because of the +50 Max HP it gives.

War Cry

War Cry, for some reason, is not visibly added to your ATK. It still does increase your damage, but it’s just not visibly shown in your stats in the menu. I assume that it works in a similar way to hog meat and essence.

Some things about STR and INT

These numbers are the numbers that don’t matter as much as ATK does, because they are reliant upon your base damage, but still can make a big difference on the damage you’ll deal. STR and INT, add physical and magic attack bonuses, respectively, and are a percentage increase based on the ATK value in the stats menu.


I also should mention the biggest contribution to ATK for hunters and berserkers, dual-wielding. Dual-wielding on hunter works a bit different than how it works from berserker dualing, at least from what I’ve experienced. Dual-wielding on a berserker takes an average of the two weapons you’re holding, before scrolls. Scrolls are applied second and don’t contribute to this average. Hunter dual-wielding works differently from Berserker dual wielding. Hunter focuses on the damage of the mainhand weapon, and then applies scrolls. Thanks to @Meta for helping me with dual-wielding

Fishing Rod

Although it’s not equippable in offhand anymore, those folks whom still have it equiped will be given a big advantage on Paladin and Mage’s subclasses. Now, the fishing rod doesn’t give the insane boost that it used to, but when scrolled are applied it increases the ATK value. The fishing rod can contribute +8 damage to your ATK, and it will stack with essence and hog meat. Note that since berserkers and hunters can dual-wield, it doesn’t affect the damage of these classes specifically.

So yeah, pretty good feedback. I hope this helps! ; I’ll change stuff if I notice that I didn’t remember something correctly or just worded something in a way that makes it difficult to understand.

P.S. Prayer doesn’t increase damage it’s just a massively buffed regen

Thanks for contributing! I thought they disabled all damage buff on fishing rod if still equipped? And also, some of this stuff on the list (like the armors) are just there if they increase attack. Other armors are still viable and sometimes more helpful, like the Forsaken Isle armor, but they actually increase attack.

I don’t recall ever mentioning armor, but yes other items can be viable or just be worn by people if they choose to wear it. I’ll probably talk more about armor when I get around to testing armor and most importantly, PVP damage values.