Introduction of mounts

Something that can possibly be added alongside dungeons. For those that don’t know, mounts are animals that players can ride on to significantly boost speed, and in most RPGs, are usually very expensive depending on the speed boost.

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People can still make topics and feature requests even IF a similar topic has already been made.
They have the right to : /

Plus I don’t think newcomers have time to check the hundreds of posts and suggestions on the forums

True, and if a dev checks this, they could feel free to merge it onto the original topic.

Honestly just pouring points into dexterity works. Stopping to walk just before the sprint gauge runs out refills the gauge quite quickly so a mount wouldn’t necessarily be useful…

Mounts can be useful when going through Redwood Pass. It takes like 10 minutes to go through there by running

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Not everyone wants to put points into Dexterity. Later on, with more maps/areas getting added, it will take longer and longer to get to certain areas of the game. Mounts would help out a lot.


It’s a hard topic as we already got the ability to buff our sprint, but if they were like medium speed running without stamina use then it would be pretty nice.

Well I still haven’t ventured far enough to know how far the distance is but mounts would be a nice addition to the game if its as far as you said.

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