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Don’t really know if someone has done this yet, but here we go.
Nothing really that much interesting about me, but might as well get this kind of forum post-genre going.

I’m 16 years of age.
I joined ROBLOX around 2009.
I’ve been playing football for 5 years now, my position is a middle linebacker.
I have a permit, meaning I can drive with supervision.
I am mostly outside most of my life, hanging out with friends, etc.
My nationality is Chaldean.
I speak 4 languages fluently.
I’m a junior in high school.
I’m pretty chill, ig.

Like I said nothing really interesting, but I would like to hear about your “basic” area of an introduction. As I said, I’m pretty chill, if you want to be friends just lmk. Overall, thank you for reading this!

iiFadz :crazy_face:

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Not saying that this isnt a cool idea but in your profile located in the top right. Just click your picture and click your name in the top left of the drop down menu and I think the preferences tab or something like that. Anyway you can put your description about yourself there. Anyway nice you meet you! :slight_smile:

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Good to know! Thank you. <3