Introducing True Colors, first LGBTQ+ guild/community

Hello fellow Vesterians! I’m Osozis, formerly known as Chaunc5y. Today I present to you True Colors, a community unlike any others. With a primarily LGBTQ+ focused community, we welcome everyone who wants to be themselves without fear! From self-roles and user run events to chest runs and fun memories to enjoy! I hope you have a great time in True Colors! <3

What we offer
  • Self roles

  • User Events

  • Fun memories

  • So much more!

Why I made this

I quickly made this when I realized most of the Vesteria community is toxic, and doesn’t like people for who they are. So I made this community to accept everyone from who they are, you don’t have to be living in a shadow. <3

Discord Link



Taco Bell

Tuwu Bell

ok coolimage


Is this real?

I don’t want to call it a guild, I want to call it a community.

Then why did you call it a guild in the title and the description.

Yes, Its a LGBTQ+ community.

Guild/Community, Since people call it a guild

interesting idea here
i feel like this would invite ppl to b toxic on purpose but gl with the guild / community

This is a contradiction

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I have rules against people being rude/toxic

ok me fixie ty for telling me <3

Do you have a ingame guild?

No, I need to get gold, but ill try

Ooh, interesting guild idea.

thank you <3

What are you referring too?

i gotta say i dont think something like this should be in a fantasy game as it tends to get political
most people play games to escape responsibilities and the outside worlds politics

moved this post further up cause it summarized my thoughts pretty well and wasn’t offtopic
just as i suspected would happen the topic turned into a flamewar

I mean, its kinda one of a kind