Introduce yourself

There’s probably already some thread about this, but oh well.

My name is overfriended, and I’m not even level 5.
I’m debating my class at the moment for the future.
I am a learning scripter on Roblox, and I hope to have fun on this site with all of you.

Wait a minute, who are you?


Nice Introduction There @overfriended.

welcome to the community man

Hello @overfriended I am NovaKip, nice to meet you.

I am, like you, not even level 5 either.
But I have chosen to be a hunter for the time being, I just find being able to have range on a enemy worth while.
I am actually a builder on Roblox, I have made a few lobby and weapons for the dev team I am apart of.
I am someone who like to draw little people and have fun doing so. Speaking of which I am doing something called Inktober which has been a lot of fun, If you draw I would give it a shot.

Other than that I have nothing else to say except I hope you have a wonderful day or night. ^-^ :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe I went for Warrior actually, but nonetheless nice to meet you!

Hunters as of right now have no range, but they make up for it in damage

Maybe even went for thanos mage, good day to you too Nova!

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dang well looks like i will have a interesting experience without a bow lol

They Plan On Making A Ranged Hunter, Called Archer From My Knowledge. So Don’t Give Up Now.

I will probably just play the warrior class, Then play Archer when it comes out.


My name is ReContrast, and im level 15 (maybe 16 can’t remember)
I chose warrior because yknow SWORD
I take a scripting class at school but its not for LUA, but I want to learn LUA pretty bad.
One thing about game making that I found out I really like is making HUD/GUI/UI stuff. I don’t know why xD.

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Have a good day and nice to meet you.

Hi! I’m shieldDuck although I used my alt while testing vesteria which was level 7 but today I might use my developing account which is shieldDuck.
I am a builder and right now learning how to script so maybe I can make games like vesteria or phantom forces who knows though lul.

Nice to meet you too!

o yeah y’know you can just put a description of who u are on your profile, introducing is nice and all but you can also do it on there when people click on your profie

boy what is this

Im a level 10 warrior

Hi! Im @Conquest my ingame name is BloxConquest and im lv 10 and i am hoping the paid access will be not 1000R$


HI I’m @TheGamingArtist, my roblox account is Angelwolf229932, you can just call me Dawn

im scriptide and i like to play jailbreak